Daniel Alpernia is a Venezuelan director born in Caracas, Venezuela on February 05, 1998.

My childhood was developed in the sweet cold of Los Teques, with my separated parents my mother sent me to my grandmother when I was four years old, where I grew up listening to my grandfather’s folksong and the street culture of the whole area, which later on, I experienced many areas that were the driving force behind what I am today. As a child, I was very active in different areas. I studied music in an academy, it cost me a bit in sports, I practiced all of them, but the one that suited me best was in basketball, in my free time at school I played basketball, listened to rap and watched many videos of rap, skate and graffiti on YouTube.

Starting high school my mom gave me a pocket camera that recorded and it was there that for no reason someone started filming everything I could think of, including my friends skating, others playing basketball and I even recorded myself doing beats, because Yes, after finishing the music academy I decided to learn how to produce beats, but the audiovisual caught me much more.

I had thought to study computer engineering but when I finished high school something deep inside me told me that art was my thing and that if I wanted to be happy I had to go for it, so I started an audiovisual project that completely changed my perspective and without much thought I decided to study cinema. Demonstrating what I had done as a support, I managed to enter the National Experimental University of the Arts in Caracas where together with my partner and childhood friend Andrew Nehomar we started a project called EntreFamilia that years later led us to know many important cities in the world specializing in the music video industry.

My name is Daniel Alpernia and this journey is just beginning, we are creators worldwide.